Monday, September 25, 2017

Author`s appeal

Hi everyone! My name is Alec Bar. I am a producer and director of CLAUSTRUM film. Most likely, you have already watched my short film «CLAUSTRUM, the place for only one» if not, it is available on
This short film is a starting point for «CLAUSTRUM" feature length film making project.
A short information about myself: I am from Russia. This is my first experience of working on the project in the sphere of film production, previously for many years I have dealt with graphic design, video design and projects in the sphere of branding. I had always dreamed of film-making and since childhood I had always invented different plots for make-belief films, but I always postponed my dream for the future, until a moment came, when I realized that if I continued to live in such a way, cinema would remain a might-have-been dream.

And about a year ago, leaving all the previous business aside I decided not to lose time anymore and started to embody this project, that I present to you now.
I invented an idea, wrote a scenario, my skills in graphics allowed me to make on my own a short film that you have seen,  All of this is a starting point for feature length film production, a part of which would be the world shown in this video.
This film is also a starting point for the operations of my production company on the basis of which I would like to create this film.

About a feature length film
Film in action genre with including mixed martial arts combat. I believe that this genre is undeservedly put into cold storage and there are very few good contemporary films made in this genre.
I keep in secret the film scenario but you can get acquainted with the synopsis, which clarifies the world and circumstances in which the plot develops, the synopsis is also made in video commercial form, you can see this video on site

About the crowdfunding campaign
Taking into consideration that this is my first film project, I understand chances to get immediate attention from investors operating in film market are slim, that is why I suppose using crowdfunding platform for collection of funds to be the most promising option.
Proceeding from these conditions, I am not going to make a whole film immediately, but firstly I would like to make a short film, that will be integrated as one of the scenes in full-length version. I do that since although the budget of a short film is not small either, but it is still significantly lower than the budget of full-length film and it will be easier to collect a necessary amount of funds. Judging by this short film, you can appreciate the potential of the movie better and the project can get reasonably more investments.

Project development
You can follow the project’s development via the this blog as well as via the film’s groups on social networks and messaging services. I plan to post news about the project’s development there. Who would be most interested in the project? Undoubtedly, it`s action movie and martial arts lovers as well as people like me, who are planning to shoot a movie or are already doing so. 
They would also be interested in it in terms of experience, as today, thanks to Internet technologies, there are opportunities for completely unknown authors to get support to develop their project via crowdfunding or simply by getting a lot of people’s attention.

I want to do a quality, interesting, innovative movie in the spirit of our times. I count on your support, as someone who is fond of this genre of cinema and who is inspired by that project. For its development, people’s interest in it is now of the highest importance, which is why if the project has attracted You, I would ask you to join the film’s group in any of the social networks that suit you. All the links are on site 
Thank you! Stay tuned!

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